Away Knot & Back Stitch

Back Stitch

Uses: Straight and curved lines, and outlines, especially for cross stitch, Blackwork and Assisi.

Away knot

Uses: Starting a thread where there is no place to anchor the thread.

Away Knot

Start with an ‘away’ knot. The away knot is typically on the front of your work. Take a couple of large stitches to leave enough tail to your away knot so that you will be able to snip the knot off later and thread the needle to anchor the thread neatly in the back of your work.

away knot
Snipping off the knot .
Thread taken to the back and being woven in to finish

If you are out lining you can start by anchoring your thread in the back of what it is that you are outlining.

Back Stitch

For the back stitch, stitching left to right, come up at 1, down at 2, and up at 3. Next stitch, go down in the previous 1 , sharing the hole, up at 2 and down again at 3, and so on.

Stitched all the way around, each stitched over 4 threads in this sample, so that all of the stitches are the same size

The back of the sample

Finishing tail woven in on the back

Both tails woven in on the back

The front of the sample