Looking for auction donations

Mark the date: November 16, 2019.

Our tri-annual auction is the primary means of fundraising for the St. John’s Guild of Embroiderers. Money raised goes directly back to Guild members in the form of subsidized workshops with highly trained teachers. We are looking for donations of both small and large embroidered pieces, as well as items for door prizes, a beginners’ basket and a special threads basket.

Joyce Noseworthy is spearheading the initiative. Joyce and her team are happily accepting donations at any time during the summer, the earlier the better!  She is in the process of organizing and preparing the auction booklet. This entails photographing the pieces, writing descriptions of the pieces and uploading the photos to the website.

Please download & fill out our Auction Form with details about your item.

Please contact Joyce for more information: noseworthyje@nl.rogers.com.