Fall Stitching Retreat

It’s that time again.  The Guild Retreat to Whiteway this fall (2022) is the 30 September – 2 October; Friday 12 noon till Sunday 5 PM. 

It will include opportunity for personal stitching, a bit of exploring and lots of camaraderie and encouragement. If anyone has an idea and a willingness to teach a mini-workshop, that could be part of the fun too!! 

The Guild will pay for the hall rental. All other costs are the responsibility of the members, including meals, accommodation, transportation and mini-workshop fee. Cost of any mini-workshop fee is to be announced.

We’d like to eat as a group at least for Saturday evening and Sunday lunch but timing of all other meals will be at individual preference. Brown’s Restaurant is right across the main road from the community hall.

If you haven’t already booked your accommodations, here’s the contact info for some places nearby the hall.  Pair up with a friend, fly solo or reach out to the guild membership to ask for a partner:

  • Brown’s Blazing Horizons (across from the community centre) 709-588-7829
  • Ocean Delight Cottages (Whiteway: 5 minute easy walk or Heart’s Delight: 5 minute drive)  1-877-588-2026
  • Legge’s Sunset Inn, Whiteway 709-588-2808
  • Doctor’s Inn (glorious isolation about a 15 minute drive) 1-877-588-2026
  • Day retreaters are also welcome. If you are only coming for the day, but plan to join in the planned meal or workshop, please contact Elizabeth so you can be added to the count.

In addition to stitching, the area’s local points of interest include Shag Rock Arts & Crafts, Drover’s Store (quilting cottons!!), Avondale Railway Station & Museum, and lots of scenery if you like to take photographs.  

If anyone is interested, a visit to artist Cliff George’s studio can be arranged for Friday or Saturday.