Auction 2019

Saturday, November 16

The 2019 Auction was a great success. Thank you to everyone who turned out. We hope you had a great morning. Congratulations to those of you whose bids were successful. We hope you enjoy your new pieces.

The Guild would like to sincerely thank you for your support and participation in the 2019 auction, whether it was through contributing pieces, bits-n-pieces for the smaller prizes, organization or bids. We hope to offer another auction in a few years’ time. Please check back for more details.

The 2019 Embroidery Guild Auction will be held Saturday, November 16 at Corpus Christie Parish Hall, 260 Waterford Bridge Road. Doors will open at 9:00 AM; the auction begins at 10:00 AM sharp.  

Tickets cost $15 and include the cost of morning coffee – coffee or tea, along with a variety of baked goods and fruit.  

We have received about 90 items so far – some large, others small and everything in between. 

The auction will include

  • a live auction of approximately 30 – 35 pieces,
  • a silent auction, and
  • the sale of $10 mystery bags.  

Each ticket holder will be given a bid number and is free to bid on any of the items in both the live and silent auction. 

Each mystery bag will contain a hand made item. Several of the mystery bags will include items worth considerably more than $10.

Reserve Bidding

For ticket holders who are unable to attend the auction in person and are not able to have someone else make bids on their behalves, a reserve bid can be made. Simply let a committee member know the amount of the reserve bid to be applied to the particular piece.  

How the reserve bidding works

  1. Live auction:  A committee member will bid on the designated piece up to the price of the reserve bid.  If other bidders drop out before the reserve bid is reached, the item will be won for a lower price than the reserve bid. If other bidders continue making bids higher than the reserve bid, the item will be lost to the reservist.
  2. Silent auction:  The reserve bid will be noted on the bid sheet.  If another bidder makes a higher bid, the item will be lost.

Sneak Preview of Some Auction Items

For a preview of some 2019 Auction Items, please view this slide show below.

​Information about the last Auction, held in 2015, can be found here.