Here you will find a list of all the titles in the guild’s library. They are categorized by stitch type. Within each category the titles are listed alphabetically with a unique identifier.

A – Blackwork

A-1Altherr, IlseBlackwork and Holden Embroidery, Book 2, 1981.
A-2Altherr, IlseReversible Blackwork, Book 1, 1978.
A-3Buell, KarenBlackwork from Threads and Things, 1985.
A-4Hall, HelenCreative Backstitch, 2002.
A-7Zimmerman, JaneBlackwork Embroidery Patterns, Revised 1985.
A-8Gostelow, MaryBlackwork, 1976.
A-9AnchorThe New Anchor book of Blackwork Embroidery Stitches, 2005.
A-10Wilkins, LesleyTraditional Blackwork Samplers, 2004.
A-11Hogg, BeckyEssential Stitch Guide, Blackwork, 2010.
A-12Wilkins, LesleyBeginner’s Guide to Blackwork, 2006.
A-13Barnett, LesleyBlackwork, 1996.
A-14AchorThe New Anchor Book of Blackwork, 2005.
A-15Scoular, Marion Why Call it Blackwork, 1993.

B – Brazilian

B-1Freitas, Maria A.Dimensional Embroidery, 1995.
B-2Bradford, JennyBullion Stitch Embroidery, 1991.
B-3Montague, RosieBrazilian Three Dimensional Embroidery, 1983.
B-4Entwistle, ChristinaBrazilian Embroidery, 1997.

C – Canvas Work

C-2Minor, Hollis GreerNeedlework Masterpieces from Winterthur, 1998.
C-3Boyles, MargaretNeedlepoint Stitchery, 1974.
C-4Christensen, Jo IppolitoThe Needlepoint Book, 1976.
C-6Fisher, JoanThe Creative art of Needlepoint Tapestry, 1972.
C-7Elder, KarenV & A Needlepoint Collection, 1992.
C-8Hall, Nancy & Riley, JeanBargello Borders, 1974.
C-10Higginson, SusanNeedlepoint Stitches, 52 stitches Explained and Illustrated, 2007.
C-11Harlow, Eve (Ed.)Anchor Canvas Stitches and Patterns, 1989.
C-12Ireys, KatharineThe Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery Stitch Patterns, 1977.
C-13Lane, MaggieChinese Rugs Designed for Needlepoint, 1975.
C-14Silverstein, MiraGuide to Combination Stitches, 1977.
C-15Silverstein, MiraGuide to Looped and Knotted Stitches, 1977.
C-16Silverstein, MiraGuide to Slanted Stitches, 1977.
C-17Silverstein, MiraGuide to Upright Stitches, 1977.
C-18Smith, GlenoraNeedlery, 1978.
C-19Stevens, GigsFree-Form Bargello, 1977.
C-20Silverstein, MiraFun with Bargello, 1971.
C-21Williams, Elsa S.Bargello Florentine Canvas Work, 1967.
C-22Lazar, Shelly FayeOriental Collection, 1993.
C-24Cornell, PennyThe Liberated Canvas, 1995.
C-25Gardner, SueA – Z of Needlepoint, 2005.
C-29Hammet, BarbaraThe Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch, 1996.
C-30Ambuter, CarolynThe Open Canvas, 1982.
C-31Carter, JillNew Canvas Work in Needlepoint, 2007.
C-32Fischer, Pauline, & Lasker, Anabel Bargello Magic: How to Design Your Own, 1972.
C-33Petschek. Joyce Beautiful Bargello, 1997.
C-34Zimmerman, Jane D.The Canvas Work Encyclopedia, 1989.
C-35Pearson, AnnaNeedlepoint Stitch by Stitch, 1987.
C-36Gordon, JillNeedlepoint Stitch by Stitch, 1987.

D – Counted Thread General

D-1Fairfield, HelenCounted-Thread Embroidery, 1987.
D-2Harlow, EvaThe Anchor Book of Counted Thread Embroidery Stitches, 1987/97.
D-3O’Steen, DarleneThe Proper Stitch a Guide for Counted Thread, 1994.
D-4Taggart, JeanLaid Fillings for Evenweave Fabrics, 1995.
D-5Taggart, JeanDarning Patterns for Evenweave Fabrics, 1998.
D-6Arthur, SandraShapes of Needlepoint, Series I, Circles, Squares, Triangles and Rectangles, 2009.
D-7Arthur, SandraShapes of Needlepoint, Series II, Diamonds, Hearts, Octagons and Stars, 2011.
D-8Arthur, SandraShapes of Needlepoint, Series III, Corners, Hexagons, Ovals, Parallelograms, 2012.
D-9Fairfield, HelenCounted Thread Embroidery, 1987. (donated)
D-10Goldberg, Rhoda OchserThe New Dictionary of Counter-Thread Embroidery Stitches, 1998.

E – Crewel

E-1Butcher, JoThe Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches and Crewel, 1971.
E-2Edwards, JoanCrewel Embroidery in England, 1975.
E-3McDonald, JacquiEssential Stitch Guide, Crewelwork, 2010.
E-4Harlow, EveThe Anchor Book of Crewelwork Embroidery Stitches, 1989.
E-5Hofstede, DavidKyuuto! Japanese Crafts!: Woolly Embroidery!, 2008.
E-6Rowe, Ann PollardCrewel Embroidery Bed Hangings in Old and New England; Boston Museum Bulletin, 1974.
E-7Weldon’s Needlecraft EditorsCrewel Embroidery Old and New, 1963.
E-8Wilson, EricaCrewel Embroidery, 1962.
E-9Williams, Elsa S.Heritage Embroidery, 1967.
E-10Glenny, MaveAn Introduction to Crewel Embroidery, 1998.
E-11Miss PenelopeJacobean Crewel Work and Traditional Designs, 2013.
E-12Rainbow, JaneBeginner’s Guide to Crewel Embroidery, 1999.
E-13Francini, Audrey A.Crewel Embroidery with texture and thread variations, 1979.
E-14AnchorThe New Anchor Book of Crewelwork Embroidery Stitches, 2005.
E-15Burr, TrishCrewel & Surface Embroidery, 2008.
E-16Blomkamp. HazelCrewel Twists, 2012.
E-17Blomkamp, HazelCrewel Intentions, 2014.
E-18Country BumpkinA-Z of Crewel Embroidery, 2015.
E-19Jeroy, JudyCreative Crewel Embroidery, 1998.
E-20Fitzwilliam, Ada W.; Hands, A.F.MorrisJacobean Embroidery, 1928.

F – Cross Stitch

F-1Harrington, MimiSomething for Every Season, 2003.
F-2McTague, FionaNursery Needlepoint, 1994.
F-3Gross-Ekowski, EleanoreFloral Cross-stitch, 1991.
F-4Kooler, Donna999 Fabulous Cross-stitch Patterns, 1996.
F-5Rose, FranCross-Stitch Design Manual, 1987.
F-6Van Wagner Young, AnneSanta Remembered, 1989.
F-7Wainwright, AngelaMedieval Cross Stitch Samplers, 1995.
F-8Wainwright, AngelsRenaissance Cross Stitch Samplers, 1995.
F-9Wianwright, AngelaVictorian Cross-Stitch Samplers, 1995.
F-10Mayhew, Jayne N. & Wheeler, NickiFour Seasons in Cross Stitch, 1997.
F-11Field-Dahlstrom, Carol2001 Cross-stitch Designs, 1999.
F-12Dahlstrom, Carol F.Better Homes and Gardens, Stitching Pretty, 2002.
F-13Hawkins, Sam520 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs, 1997.
F-14Barber, Marie515 Inspirational Cross-stitch Designs, 1999.
F-15Hawkins, Sam501 Cross Stitch Designs, 1993.
F-16Hawkins, Sam365 Designs Cross Stitch all Through the Year, 1995.
F-17Kooler, Donna555 Country Cross-Stitch Patterns, 1998.
F-18Kooler, Donna555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns, 1996.
F-19Turvey, HelenaRed & White Cross Stitch Patterns, 1996.
F-20Hoffman, Phyllis (Ed.)Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments, 10th Anniversary Collection, 2006.
F-21Luther, EveEve Luther’s Patterns.
F-22Perna, SharonCross-stitch, A Beautiful Gift, 1992.
F-23Kooler, DonnaSeasons in Cross-stitch, 1998.
F-24Packham, JoVanessa Ann’s Holidays in Cross-stitch, 1994.
F-25Foris, MariaCharted Folk Design, 1975.
F-26Hauschild, JanaMaking Gifts in Counted Stitch, 1990.
F-27Wainwright, Angela Celtic Cross Stitch Samplers, 1995.
F-28Turvey, HelenaBlue and White Cross Stitch, 2001.
F-28Vanessa-Ann CollectionHome Sweet Home, 1988.

G – Design And Colour

G-1Sturrock, SheilaCeltic Knotwork Designs, 1997.
G-2Mein, AnnemiekeThe Art of Annemeike Mein Wildlife Artist in Textiles, 1992.
G-3Beal, MargaretFusing Fabric Creative cutting, Bonding & Mark-making with the soldering Iron, 2005.
G-4Birren, FaberPrinciples of Colour, 1968 & 1987.
G-5Box, RichardDrawing and Design for Embroidery, 1988.
G-7Howard, ConstanceDesign for Embroidery, 1956.
G-6Burr, TrishColour Confidence in Embroidery, 2012.
G-8Jablonksi. RamonaThe Medieval Garden Design Book, 1982.
G-9Hedley, GwenDrawn to Stitch:Line, Drawing, and Mark-Making in Textile Art Paperback, 2010.
G-10Messent, JanDesigning for Needlepoint & Embroidery from Ancient & Primitive Sources, 1976.
G-11Messent, JanEmbroidery and Architecture, 1985.
G-12O’Brien, James F.How to Design by Accident, 1968.
G-13Reid, MehryPersian Carpet Designs to Colour, 1982.
G-14Whyte, KathleenDesign for Embroidery, 1969.
G-15Zaczek, IainCeltic Design; a Sourcebook, 1995.
G-16Beaney, JanThe Art of the Needle, 1988.
G-17Willcox, Donald J.New Design in Stitchery, 1970.
G-18Parrott, HelenMark Making
G-19Bang, MollyPicture This: How Pictures Work, 2016.
G-20Barbe, KarenColour Confident Stitching, 2017.

H – Ecclesiastical

H-1Dean, BerylChurch Embroidery, 1982.

I – Embroidery General

I-1Baker, MurielStumpwork the Art of Raised Embroidery, 1978.
I-2Beck, ThomasinaThe Embroiderer’s Garden, 1988.
I-3Boyles, MargaretThe Margaret Boyles Book of Needle Art, 1978.
I-4Bramley, SylviaEmbroidery with Transparent Fabrics, 1989.
I-5Caulfield, S. F. A.Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework, Vol. 1, A – L, 1972.
I-6Caulfield, S. F. A.Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework, Vol. 2, M – Z, 1972.
I-7Christie, Mrs. ArchibaldSamplers and Stitches, 1920.
I-8Clabburn, PamelaThe Needleworkers Dictionary, 1976.
I-9Coats, J. & P.100 Embroidery Stitches.
I-10Country Bumpkin PublicationsA – Z of Embroidery Stitches, 1997.
I-11Clarke, DorothyExploring Elizabethan Embroidery, 1997.
I-12Davis JaneA Beader’s Reference, 2003.
I-13De Dillmont, ThérèseThe Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework, 2nd ed., 1978.
I-14De Dillmont, ThérèseEncyclopedia of Needlework. Filed with reserve books
I-15Ashby, Daphne J. & Woolsey, JackieWhy not Embroider Letters?, 2002.
I-16Beck, ThomasinaThe Embroiderer’s Flowers, 1992.
I-17Gostelow, MaryThe Complete Guide to Needlework, 1982.
I-18Hedley, GwenSurfaces for Stitch, Plastic, Films & Fabrics, 2000.
I-19Marshall, SheilaAn Elizabethan Christmas, 2000.
I-20Harlow, Eve (Ed.)The Anchor Book of Free-Style Embroidery Stitches, 1987.
I-21Beck, ThomasinaGardening with Silk and Gold Threads in Embroidery, 1997.
I-22Aldridge, KelleyRaised Embroidery, 2017.
I-23Ryan, Mildred G.The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery, 1979.
I-24Saunders, SallyRoyal School of Needlework Embroidery Techniques, 1998.
I-25Stevens, Helen M.The Embroiderer’s Country Album, 1994.
I-26Stevens, Helen M.The Embroiderer’s Countryside, 1992.
I-27Stevens, HelenEmbroidered Animals, 2005.
I-28Wilson, EricaMore Needleplay, 1979.
I-29Stevens, Helen M.Embroidered Flowers, 2000.
I-30Wilson, EricaNeedleplay, 1975.
I-31Richardson, CathieSketches From Nature: A Book of Embroidery Patterns, 2008.
I-32Boggon, SharonCrazy Quilting Design, 2017.
I-34Hemingway, Karen (Ed.)The Encyclopedia of Stitches, 2004.
I-35Don, SarahTraditional Embroidered Animals, 1990.
I-36Baker, Muriel (Ed.)The Scriber Book of Embroidery Designs, 1979.
I-37Brown, PaulineThe Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques, 1994.
I-38Eaton, JanEmbroidering Table Linen, 1990.
I-39Nehring, Nancy50 Heirloom Buttons to Make, 1996.
I-40Ragan, WendyShadow Work Embroidery, 1991.
I-41Nicholas, JaneStumpwork Embroidery, 1995.
I-42Nicholas, JaneStumpwork Embroidery, Designs and Projects, 1998.
I-43Lazarus, Carole & Berman, JenniferGlorafilia the Impressionist Collection, 1993.
I-45Marshall, SheilaElizabethan Needlework Accessories, 1998.
I-46Stevens, Helen M.The Timeless Art of Embroidery, 1997.
I-47Gardener, Sue (Ed.) A – Z of Stumpwork, 2005.
I-48Wilson, EricaNeedlework to Wear, 1982.
I-49Anchor100 Embroidery Stitches.
I-51Gardener, Sue (Ed.) A – Z of Thread Painting, 2005.
I-52Vant Erve, MargaretWindow Gardens in Bloom, 2005.
I-53Iles, JaneThe Needlework Garden, 1989.
I-54Sieverding, JuttaEmbroidery and Cross Stitch, 1999.
I-55Stanton, YvetteThe Left-handed Embroiderer’s Companion, 2010.
I-56Mostaghimi, LynetteCountryside Needlecraft Source Book, 1992.
I-58Stevens, Helen M.Embroidered Birds, 2003.
I-59Stevens, Helen M.Embroiderer’s Year, 2004.
I-60Burr, TrishLong and Short Stitch Embroidery, a Collection of Flowers, 2006.
I-62O’Connor, Susan (Ed.)A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2, 2007.
I-64OndoriHuck Embroidery (Japan Publications), 1997.
I-65Howe, Margery BurnhamDeerfield Embroidery traditional patterns from Colonial Massachusetts, 1976.
I-66Nicholas, JaneStumpwork Medieval Flora, 2009.
I-67Cole, AlisonThe Stumpwork Masterclass, 2015.
I-68Dennis, KayBeginner’s Guide to Stumpwork, 2001.
I-69Cole, AlisonThe Embroiderer’s Little Book of Hints & Tips, 2016.
I-70 LaPierre, Corinne Folk Embroidered Felt Birds, 2019.
I-71Gardner, Sue (Ed.) A – Z of Bead Embroidery, 2006.
I-72Cox, ShelleyRSN Bead Embroidery, 2014.
I-73Wasilowski, LauraJoyful Stitching, 2018.
I-74Bateman, LornaEmbroidered Country Gardens, 2019.
I-75Giordano, ChloeThe Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano, 2019.
I-76Spargo, SueCreative Stitching, 2017.
I-77Burr, TrishThe Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers, 2020.
I-78Haigh, JanetThe Embroiderer’s Floral, 2002.
I-79Harris, ChristineFrench Knot Pictures, 2000.
I-80Taggart, JeanLaid Fillings for Evenweave Fabrics, 1998.
I-81Laurie, ViaEmbroidery Techniques Using Space-Dyed Threads, 2008.
I-82Baker Montano, JudithFloral Stitches, 2000I-83.
I-83Baker Montano, JudithElegant Stitches, 1995.
I-84Turpin-Delport, Leslie; Delport-Wepener, NikkiEmbroidered Flora and Fauna, 2008.
I-85Evans, MegHand-Stitched Boxes, 1996.
I-86Search PressA-Z Embroidered Flowers, 2016.
I-87Lemon, JaneEmbroidered Boxes, 2003.
I-88Bishop, EmieA Collection of Beautiful Stitches, 2022.
I-89Stevens, Helen M.Embroidered Gardens, 2006.
I-90Stevens, Helen M.Embroidered Butterflies, 2001.
I-91Stevens, Helen M.Embroidered Landscapes, 2007.
I-92Stevens, Helen M.World of Embroidery, 2002.
I-93Davies, OwenEmbroidered Knot Gardens, 2006.
I-94Parker, FriedaVictorian Embroidery, 1990.
I-95Lawlor, GailPatterns and Borders, Needlecraft Source Book, 1992.
I-96Hart, JennySublime Stitching, 1972.
I-97Fitzwilliam, Ada Wentworth; Hands, A. F. MorrisJacobean Embroidery, 1990.
I-98Nicholas, JaneThe Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery, 2005.
I-99Burr, TrishRedoute’s Finest Flowers in Embroidery, 2002.
I-100Cole, AlisonThe Stumpwork Masterclass, 2015.
I-101Stevens, HelenThe Myth and Magic of Embroidery, 1999.
I-102Gubbini, BrunaCiclamino, 2010.
I-103Richman, HelenStumpwork Embroidery, 2017.

J – Ethnic

J-1Saito, IwaoJapanese Embroidery Book 1, 1989.
J-2Backman, MaggieRozashi, 1981/83.
J-3Chung, Young Y.The Art of Oriental Embroidery, 1979.
J-4Foris, Andreas ed.Charted Folk Designs for Cross-stitch, Embroidery – Danube, 1975.
J-5Gudjonsson, Elsa E.Traditional Icelandic Embroidery, 1985.
J-6Ohms, Margaret Ethnic Embroidery, 1989.
J-7Nicoletti, SallyJapanese Motifs for Needlepoint, 1981.
J-8Szalavary, AnneHungarian Folk Designs for Embroiders and Craftsman, 1980.
J-9Starmore, AliceCeltic Needlepoint, 1994.
J-10Paine, SheilaChikan Embroidery the Floral Whitework of India, 1989.
J-11Foster, Kate McCreaFifty Designs for Mexican Drawn Work, with directions for working, 1889 & 1985.
J-12Allen, MaxThe Birth Symbol, 1981.
J-13Crabtree, CarolineWorld Embroidery, 1993.
J-14Gostelow, MaryEmbroidery; Traditional Designs…., 1977.
J-15Gostelow, MaryA World of Embroidery, 1975.
J-16Sparey, JónaIcelandic Patterns in Needlepoint, 1993.
J-17Halpern, FriedaFull-Color Russian Folk Needlepoint Designs, 1976.
J-18Brascoe, SusanJapanese Sashiko Inspirations, 2008.
J-19Ukrainian Women’s Assoc. of CanadaUkrainian Embroidery Designs and Stitches, 1958.
J-20Stanton, YvetteSMOYG Pattern Darning from Norway, 2018.
J-21Brascoe, SusanThe Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook, 2005.
J-22Brascoe, SusanJapanese Sashiko Inspirations, 2008.
J-23Winter, Anna-MarieFan Dance – A Portfolio of Six Oriental Fan Designs, 2000
J-24Tamura, ShujiTechniques of Japanese Embroidery, 1998+C359

K – Finishing, Framing And Construction

K-1Burchette, DorothyMore Needlework Blocking and Finishing, 1979.
K-2Edmonds, JanetBeginner’s Guide to Embroidered Boxes, 2002.
K-3Hiney, Mary JoMaking Romantic Fabric-Covered Boxes, 1998.
K-4Lemon, JaneEmbroidered Boxes, 1984.
K-5Wilks, ConnieHand-hemming Techniques for Evenweave Fabrics, 1986.
K-6Lewis, HeatherEmbroidered Boxes, 2020.

L – Hardanger

L-1Bishop, ErnieJoyous Occasions: Heirloom Hardanger, 1996.
L-2Love, JaniceHardanger: Basics and Beyond, 1990.
L-3Love, JaniceHardanger: Fundamentals made Fancy, 1993.
L-4Marion, GinaCreative Hardanger, 1994.
L-5AnchorThe New Anchor book of Hardanger Embroidery Stitches, 2005.
L-7Bishop, ErnieEmbellishments, 1994.
L-8Wood, DorothyCreative Ideas with Hardanger, 2001.
L-9Bright, SigridHardanger Embroidery a Complete and Practical Course, 1978.
L-10Stanton, YvetteEarly Style Hardanger, 2016.
L-11Marion, GinaCreative Hardanger, 1994.
L-12Wood, DorothyCreative Ideas with Hardanger, 2001.
L-13AnchorThe New Anchor Book of Pulled Thread, 2005.
L-14Cater, JillBeginners Guide to Hardanger, 2003.
L-15Stanton, YvetteElegant Hardanger Embroidery, 2016.
L-16Gubini, BrunaOpen Embroidery, ?

M – History

M-1Parker, RozsikaThe Subversive Stitch, Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine, 2010.
M-2Edwards, JoanThe 2nd of Joan Edwards’ Small books on the History of Embroidery, Black Work, 1980.
M-3Edwards, JoanThe 3rd of Joan Edwards’ Small books on the History of Embroidery, Chronicle of Embroidery 1900 –1950, 1981.
M-5Saint-Aubon, Charles GermainArt of the Embroiderer, 1983.
M-7Victoria & Albert MuseumTextiles and Dress, 1978.
M-8Edwards, JoanThe 5th of Joan Edwards’ Small books on the History of Embroidery, Sampler Making, 1540-1940, 1983.
M-9Synge, LantoAntique Needlework, 1982.
M-10Levey, Santina M.Elizabethan Treasures the Hardwick Hall Textiles, 1998.
M-11Bryan, Esther & friendsQuilt of Belonging: The Invitation Project, 2005.
M-12Gostelow, MaryArt of Embroidery great needlework collections of Britain and the United States, 1979.

N – Lace and Whitework

N-1Barley, CatherineNeedlelace Design and Technique, 1993.
N-2Budden, Sue (Trans)Lace, 1995.
N-3Cave, OenoneCut-Work Embroidery and How to Do it, 1982.
N-4Collier, AnnThe Art of Lacemaking, 1986.
N-5Murariu, SylviaRomanian Point Lace, basic technique, DVD
N-6Houck, Carter, (Ed.)White Work, Techniques and 188 Designs, 1978.
N-7Houston-Almqvist, JaneMountmellick, 1985.
N-8Paton, ValerieCreative Lace Patterns, 1987.
N-9Pyman, Kit (Ed.) Bobbin Lace, 1983.
N-10Sorenson, Veronica75 Quick and Easy Bobbin Lace Patterns, 1998.
N-11Swain, MargaretAyrshire and Other Whitework, 1982.
N-12Swain, MargaretAyrshire and Other Whitework, 1982.
N-13Kliot, Jules & Kaethe (Eds.) Mountmellick Embroidery, 1998. (Reprint of Vol. 7, Weldon’s Practical Needlework)
N-14Kershaw, Barbara M.“Exquisite Schwalm” a Filling Stitch Sampler, 2009.
N-15Hamer, M. & Waller, K.Starting Pillow Lace Part 1, 1984.
N-16Hamer, M. & Waller, K.Starting Pillow Lace Part 2, 1984.
N-18Stott, GeraldineThe Bobbin Lace Manual, 1988.
N-19Clark, Jill NordforsNeedle Lace Techniques & Inspirations, 1999.
N-20Fernau, RenateSchwalm Whitework, 2000.
N-21Franklin, Tracy & Jarvis, NicolaContemporary Whitework, 2005.
N-22Gardner, Sue  (Ed.)A – Z of Whitework, book 1, Surface Embroidery, 2007.
N-23Stanton, Yvette & Scott, PrueMountmellick Embroidery Inspired by Nature, 2nd ed., 2007.
N-24Trott, PatBeginner’s Guide to Mountmellick Embroidery, 2002.
N-25Woods, SandiAlphabet Inspirations in Coloured Bobbin Lace, 2004.
N-26Murariu, SylviaRomanian Point Lace, Intermediate and Advanced, 1996.
N-27Murariu, Sylvia Romanian Point Lace, Christmas Ornaments, 1995.
N-28Murariu, Sylvia Romanian Point Lace, A Course for Beginners, 1996.
N-29Clarke, GaryCandlewicking and Beyond, 1998.
N-30Stanton, YvettePortuguese Whitework, 2012.
N-31Stanton, Yvette Sardinian Knotted Embroidery, 2014.
N-32Stanton, Yvette & Scott, Prue Mountmellick Embroidery inspired by Nature, 2 nd ed., 2007.

O – Machine Embroidery

O-1Clucas, JoyYour Machine for Embroidery, 1973.
O-2Colman, AnneThe Creative Sewing Machine, 1979.
O-4McNeill, MoyraMachine Embroidery: Lace and See-Through Techniques, 1985.
O-6Holt, VernaClassic Cutwork, 1985.

P – Miscellaneous

P-1 Bead Embroidery
P-2DoverDecorative Letters CD-ROM and Book, 1997.
P-17Johnson, EleanorNeedlework Tools, 1978.
P-19Wells, Carol WilcoxCreative bead Weaving, 1996.
P-20Mackie, KathleenA Judge’s Guide to Embroidery, 1990.
P-23Watts, CathyThe Hidden Hazards of Quilting, 1996.
P-24Odendall. Tharina; Pretorius, AnikaStep-by-Step Fabric Painting,
P-25Wiener, Leni LevensonThread Painting, 2007.
P-26Camobell-Harding, ValerieFabric Painting for Embroidery, 1990.

Q – Pulled and Drawn Thread

Q-1Altherr, IlseMastering the Art of Pulled Thread Embroidery, 1989.
Q-2Drysdale, RosemaryPulled Work on Canvas and Linen, 1978.
Q-3Fangel, Esther, Winckler, Ida & Madsen, AgneteDanish Fabric Embroidery Stitches, 1977.
Q-4Wark, EdnaDrawn Fabric Embroidery, 1979.
Q-5Zimmerman, JanePulled Thread Embroidery Stitches, 1988.
Q-6Leach, Agnes M.Drawn Fabric Embroidery, 1959 & 2001.
Q-7AnchorThe New Anchor Book of Pulled Thread Embroidery Stitches, 2005.
Q-8Stanton, YvetteUkrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery, 2007.
Q-9Bage, PatriciaBeginner’s Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery, 2007.
Q-10Blocher, EdithPulled Thread Embroidery, 2015.

R – Quilting, Patchwork And Applique

R-3Clabburn, PamelaPatchwork, 1983.
R-4Mumm, DebbieQuick Country Quilts for Every Room, 1998.
R-5Aller, Allison AnnAllie Aller’s Crazy Quilting, 2011.
R-7Lewis, Alfred AllenThe Mountain Artisans Quilting Book, 1973.
R-8Tirico, Deborah GaleGorgeous Wool Appliqué, 2015.
R-9Tirico, Deborah GaleA New Dimension in Wool Appliqué, 2016.

S – Ribbon Embroidery

S-1Caskey, BettyIntroduction to Silk Ribbon Embroidery, VIDEO, 1994.
S-2Heazlewood, MarrilynSilk Ribbon Embroidery – Fuchsias, 1992.
S-3Heazlewood, MerrilynSilk Ribbon Embroidery – Romantic Gardens, 1996.
S-4Joynes, HeatherRibbon Embroidery, 1988.
S-5West. Deanna HallAn Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs, 1997.
S-6West, Deanna HallAn Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Flowers, 1995.
S-7Lockheed, LeeThe Embroiderer’s Book of Designs, 1994.
S-8Baatz, BarbaraRibbon Embroidery Alphabets, 1995.
S-9Duncan, Marie & Farrell, BettyCelebrate the Seasons with Ribbon Embroidery by Machine, 1998.
S-10Baker-Montano, JudithThe Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery, 1993.
S-11Watters, JoanThe Elegance of Silk Embroidery, 2000
S-12Search PressA-Z of Ribbon Embroidery, 2003
S-13Dafter, HelenEmbroiderd Silk Ribbon Treasures, 2005
S-14Rankin, ChrisSplendid Silk Ribbon Embrooidery, 1997+C45
S-15Randell, EsterSilk Ribbon Embroidery, 1992
S-16Heazlewood, MerrilynRomantic Gardens, 1996
S-17Niekerk, Di vanRibbon Embroidery and Stumpwork, 2006+C396

T – Samplers

T-1Clabburn, PamelaSamplers, 1977.
T-2Dressmann, CécileSamplers for Today, 1972.
T-3Fitzwilliam MuseumEnglish Samplers at the Fitzwilliam, 1984.
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