Show and Share

Each month, members are encouraged to bring their completed works to display and share with the guild. This is a wonderful way to show off our skills among friends and learn from each other. The odd compliment may make some blush, but are nonetheless well-received.

We look forward to sharing pictures of your work here, with your permission, of course.

Sept 2022: we’ve not had many new works to display here over the past two years. You can find a few pieces on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Fall 2020 Member’s Work

Our members continued with their needlework as the hours of natural light dwindled. Have a look at items members shared:

  • Dolphins pillow
  • Codfish in Picot stitch
  • Codfish in Crewel embroidery
  • Codfish in beadwork
  • Codfish in darning stitch

April 2020 Work by Members

  • Gillian Brown WiP April 2020
  • Kathy Day Felted Butterfly
  • Kathy Day Unicorn on carry bag

January 2020 Work by Members


November 2019